Behforooz: If math is not fun, what’s the point?


We have before talked about math teaching in schools here (Why math is so difficult?). At that post a fact about Iranian teachers’ habits had been explained. I myself have had this experience that how much inspiration and motivation is important. But what I have experienced in Iran schools: you have got a good situation or you haven’t got a good situation. If your total situation (family background of academic education, family income and etc.) is good enough to support you, then educational system will work for you. If you haven’t got a good situation then all doors are closed to you. nobody will help you.  Read the whole story, especially when he says:  The 77 year-old professor who has been at Utica for nearly four decades said there’s no way to make a student like mathematics.  Put simply, those that love the discipline will do best.   He used…

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