Do it perfect

Two – three days ago, I bought one kilogram of coffee seeds. Because I do prefer to have a very fresh coffee each time, so I have bought an electric mills machine and a really good bialetti espresso maker to make fresh coffees at home. Together with the French press I have, now make whatever I want. I believe if you want to do something, do it perfect. I my opinion only good coffee seeds, a good mills machine to make fresh coffee powder and a good espresso maker means a good coffee!

New semester in English institute

I am starting new summer semester within 15 days. This summer I am having two French classes and 3 – 4 English classes. Our method in teaching English is “Cutting Edge” and for French classes I prefer to work based on “Café Crème” in which although it is one of the very first methods in teaching french, but it is not old at all. It is one of the best quick learning methods that covers almost 70% of the most necessary grammar and vocabulary in first volume. 
I teach English and I have accepted to teach French, not because I am very keen at it, but also I want to put myself in situation of commitment and responsibility to be more eager to learn. Teaching is always the best step of learning! 

I sometimes write something and publish it here ….

I have been in love with newspapers, magazines, books, movies, music, mathematics, coffee AND WOMEN since ever I can remember.

I have had this blog since 2007, I think. From the moment I have started writing here, I have change the domain name several times. I have stopped sometimes, and have started again. I experienced blogging in other platforms. And I have changed the theme of the blog more than 20 times. I have sometimes run some themes from elsewhere but they do not work properly in all their aspects.  I have deleted all my post some times. And yes! This time I customized one of the blogger themes until it became a really amazing theme. Now I writing here very serious with a high prospect. I live blogging, I love writing, I love reading, I love novels, I love cinema, and I love music. I love mathematics. I am moving to Paris to start my study in pure mathematics in master level, and I have this vision to get my Ph.D.

I have been in love with newspapers, magazines, books, movies, music, mathematics, coffee AND WOMEN since ever I can remember. The last issue is an especial topic for me. First because I handle all other my loves with my mind, but women! They are that easy may one thinks. Actually this fact that they are hard to catch, has made them more attractive, even more at this part you are not the only side of acting. The act of love with a women is different from for example act of loving mathematics. When you love mathematics that’s a forever-love, but when the other side of the play is a women, then you cannot push thing go forward by only your will power! You are considering someone in decision making process, you sometimes miss her, when she is not there, and you sometimes fall in love with the wrong person. You may sometimes face with a difficult situation to decide something and chose one thing between two! For example you are supposed to choose if you want to marry someone or leave the country and follow your dream. Yeah! It is then going to be started: the paradox of the life. You love someone and you have to leave her. For us men it is a common situation. Actually it is even hard to explain why we choose our scientific, political or financial aims over women. And it is not only love, some other people in your life will be left behind. This choice is like a situation of going forward and having a knife in heart but saying nothing and deny the pain.
I will write more often here, it causes decreasing the pain of knifes into my heart. Hope you random reader of this blog find my daily notes informative and ingesting enough. In this case you may leave your blog domain in the comment section and I will be so grateful to visit you website/weblog

Thank you so much in advance because of attention

My grandfather

If grandfather was alive yet, he would say “what is this seeds?” as he see the pocket in my hands entering the home. And he would say exactly after the first question: “what is it for?” “Why you drink that?” how one can make it?” and then with that kind laugh that I never going to forget it he would add: “common make some coffee and let’s try it with each other. After 5 – 7 minutes I would be sitting near him drinking coffee… but he never saw me making coffee. I miss him these days so much. He was the kindest man I have ever seen in my life.
I bought this tonight

Mathématiques, l'explosion continue

La brochure « Mathématiques, l’explosion continue », conçue par la Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP), la Société Française de Statistiques(SFdS), la Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI) et la Société Mathématique de France (SMF), a été réalisée grâce au soutien financier de Cap’Maths.
  • Prix : 9 euros (frais de port non compris) – Acheter l’ouvrage
  • Commande en nombre (à partir de 50 exemplaires) : contacter la SMF

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