Algebraic Topology and Graph Theory

I think that algebraic topology is the best language to rewrite the graph theory.



Evariste Galois

Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

As you have observed I omitted Evariste Galois born on 25th October 1811 from my daily posts and this is because he is the one that influenced me to start the event ‘Celebrate Mathematicians inOctober‘ and so I decided to make a special post about him .  First of all, I want to say that all the information from this post comes from the chapter ‘The life of Galois’ from the book ‘Galois Theory’ by  Ian Stewart.

New ImagedtrEvariste Galois was born near Paris on 25th October 1811. For his early education, his mom was in charge for educating him (concentrating more on the classics). In October 1823 he entered the lycee Louis-le-Grand, where he obtained first prize in Latin in the first years, and it’s also the time when he become interested in mathematics. He started ‘Elements de Geometrie’ by Legendre (a classic book that broke with…

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Math in the Media: September 2016 — Social Mathematics

The internet had lots of great and terrible uses of math and mathematical visualizations in September 2016! This is our opportunity to applaud the winners and be confused by the blunders. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. The Gold Star goes too… Henry Segerman for his amazing 3D mobius transformation artwork. In particular, […]

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2016 Physics Nobel Prize uses Topology — Delightful & Distinctive COLRS

The Nobel Prize explanation uses breads (e.g. bagel, pretzel) to explain topology Related Resource: CBC/Canada, Oct 2016 It cited the three for “theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.” Topology is a branch of mathematics that describes properties of objects. While most people are familiar with objects in three dimensions, the […]

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