Mathematics is a difficult subject and we should not conceal it – Cedric Villani


MUMBAI : Known for his bold and stylish dressing sense, French mathematician Cedric Villani is also called the ‘Lady Gaga of French Mathematicians’. In Mumbai for a public lecture, the Fields Medal winner tells The Free Press Journal that Mathematics is no child’s play!

A lot of students find Mathematics a subject difficult. Is it really a difficult subject or do we make it so?

This is a question people ask me in more or less any country in the world. So, yes it is really difficult. Secondly, I think we should not conceal this from students. Maths is tricky, that’s it. It is a challenge, go for it. That’s why it is interesting. To understand Maths you have to work. It is a sport. You want to take the exercise, go ahead and do it. Exercise is something that is difficult to understand. If it doesn’t hurt your brain you will make no progress.

Reference: to read the whole the article click here


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