Drawing mathematical concepts

Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

It has been a while since I last posted an art related post and I have to confess I quite missed it. Randomly looking on the World Wide Web, I have came across an incredible artist: Kasia Jackowska.  She is a Zurich based artist and architect. She was passionate about drawing all her life, but started exhibiting her work for magazines just recently (2010). Her drawings are something special; they feel like they were taken out of fairy-tales. When I saw that she has mathematics represented like that I was mesmerized. Here are a couple of her drawings, visit her website for more beauty:

  • Set Theory:
  • Calculus and Vector Analysis:
  • Topology and Knot Theory:
  • Euclidean & Hyperbolic Geometry and Fractals:

What do you think about her art? Let me know in the comment box bellow. Also, if you know of any other incredible artists just share your knowledge…

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