TV covers Women in Mathematics event


The recent LMS Women in Mathematics Day at Microsoft Research in Cambridge was covered by Cambridge TV. The event was aimed at women in mathematics, in particular at postgraduates, final year undergraduates and those at an early stage in their career, to meet together for a day of talks and discussion groups. The talks were given by women mathematicians from a range of disciplines and who are at various stages in their careers, including Apala Majumdar (University of Bath and LMS Anne Bennett Prize winner), Philippa Hiscock (Roke Manor Research) and Nicola Richmond (GlaxoSmithKline), and there were short talks from early career researchers. The poster competition, sponsored by Wiley, was won by Milena Kremakova (University of Warwick) for her posterMathematicians in Love: Are there real solutions to the ‘two-body problem’?

The coverage is available here 

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