Does WordPress satisfy us?

It has been more than 10 years that i am searching an opportunity through out the Internet to find a website or a social network to share ideas but in a to side way not just as an “analogue” but a “dialogue”!

Nowadays, it seems that social networks, more famous: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, can provide this chance for everybody to publish and see other’s publications at the same time by just on account without any need to check 100 weblogs and websites too see if they have been updated! but among all these social networks, it is just twitter that can lead you to a set of all new data and news that you actually want and demand!! in other social networks you will be faced with a huge amount of non-determined people who wants to publish just some so very absurd! very soon you will find out that you are alone among all these 5000 friends or connection you have!! you spend a notable time on establishing a community  but more means less!!! so i think what we really need is just a very simple weblog and a news-feed covering only what we demand not Ads. or Apps. or any abusing spams like that. I hope WordPress works.