what’s it about?

it’s a science blog, you can find some scientific notes and news in which I hope they can be informative. I will be over the moon if some day I knew that this weblog has had an positive effect on some body. science is the only way to light. real light among the darkness of our ignorance is science.


Keep Calm and Keep Calm

Anger always work against us. whenever we are angry we are destroying something around ourselves. it can be the first thing we see. guess now, how we destroy the most beloved and dearest people or things when we are angry.


what is a science blog about?

When I started blogging, I was totally young (around 20 – 21). And I haven’t got any internet connection at home. So I used to go places those being called “coffee-net”, some places with some desk computers connected to the internet. Like so many other things in Iran, do not be expected to see coffee just because the name of the place include the word coffee. It’s just a word and nobody knows where it is rooted from. Coffee + net, but you will not be served with coffee! Not even tea. Actually there is only systems and internet connections and you are supposed to pay per hour. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Nowadays there is no such business in Iran, because everybody has got home internet connection. Anyway, I was a young boy, a professional reader (as I’ve been whole during my life except in the chapter Facebook) and internet was a new discovery. what was the most part of the internet? Yes the answer is: blogging. (Clean up your dirty mind) because it’s amazing for someone to experience a feedback of writing his own idea. What was my idea? I wanted to have a successful “science blog” mainly in mathematics, so I started it. Although I quit it for a while, mostly because of Facebook, but I back again to arena and I am thinking of it almost every second of my life.

But what is a science blog about?, and why each scientist is supposed to have at least one blog in his area of profession?

Firsts first, the habit of writing regularly help us to have a more organized mind. Second. Sharing ideas make them more powerful. And the last but not the least: there so many young elders out there seeking around to find the answer of their questions. How will you feel if you know just one paragraph of your blog make some distracted person be a great scientist?



Alain Connes and NCG

One of the first things that I learned about Non-Commutative Geometry (NCG) was that Alain Connes is the founder of NCG. I  googled his name, and I found out that he has traveled to Iran. I download the PDF of the interview which had been done by Khosroshahi and Eaman Eftekhari at IPM. then by reading the interview, I found out that NCG has got roots in Operator Algebra (OA) and some other fields of mathematics, but mainly it is rooted in OA. I remember in some part of the interview Prof. Khosroshahi  asked Alain Connes: have you chosen a new name for an old branch of math? but everybody knows it is not true.

I was seraching some french university those has got research groups in NCG, and I faced with this amazing website: group de travail et recherche de géométrie non commutative (GDR 2947)

You can find so many usefull information about NCG and its conferences and also job positions by seeing this two websites:

  1. Alain Connes official website
  2. GDR NCG



Convex functions

Whenever we talk about convex functions, an inequality suddenly arise that presents an algebraic definition for a geometric content. I mean we have an image of convexity and from that imagination to this definition there is something to explain. The only thing I never have understood is that “what does it come from?” “Why we define a convex function as something that satisfies in such inequality?” The below image is just an example of a mathematical book (Rudin, complex and real analysis) but you can find it in every mathematical book, and in all cases a very same sentence is repeating even with no extra comma!? Can you tell me why we define a convex function as something that satisfies in that inequality?



Do want to have a website?

I have had a shocking experience when I started running my website and I now want to share with you!
before everything, before so many thinking about the font of the website or over working on the template, I have something else to offer you to do: active a “CAPTCHA” plug-in for your website. it will strongly protect your website from spammers. just before your service has been suspended go and active one of the.

One of the most challenging…

One of the most challenging theorems in Mathematics, for me, is the well-ordering property of N. You may wonder why, because it is not so hard to understand. Yes you are right, it’s easy! the principle by itself is easy to understand and also you will very soon learn how to apply it. I have this problem with proves which has been presented in different books. As you know it appear, as its nature, in very first pages of any book so called “first course in analysis”, “first course in abstract algebra” and also all books of “first course in set theory”. So any math student faces with this principal almost three times in the first year of licence. And then, as you may have seen, there is always a unique proof in any given book, my problem always is the fact of using something in proving a principal in which those facts need proofs more than the principle by itself. Have you ever thought about it?


when lights turn off

Have you ever been in a situation in which all lights suddenly turn off? What have you thought at that moment? I mean the exact first thoughts that have been come to your mind! I think it will be the same for all of us talking about the very first things coming to our minds in such situation.
I see death as the moments that all lights, out of blue, will turn off. Then very first sentences are some things like: oh God! I have so many undone things…, oh man! I should have done …, oh dear lord! I wish I had some more time to do … but sorry! These sentences haven’t got enough time even to echo in our mind whether to come to our mouth.
Yes everybody is dying. All our dearests have gone or are having gone forever. And some day it will be our turn and our light will turn off forever. So I am living my life with all my positive energy.
Enough is enough. Stop wasting the time. Stay motivated and oriented. Stick in your goals. Be kind to everybody and DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON NEGATIVE THINGS!