3 reasons why kids are bad at mathematics

why kids are bad at mathematics depends on different variables. in this article I am about to share some the most important reasons why kids are bad at mathemat

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Scrambled Eggs, Quantum Computers and Black Holes: Part Two

concise and right to the point. I enjoyed reading it.

Elementary Penguins

Check out Part One first, maybe?

If you know what scrambled eggs are, you already have some intuition for what scrambling of information is all about. Preparing scrambled eggs requires you to stir, beat and mix eggs together while heating up the pan. And loosely speaking, this is what happens to any object that falls into a black hole. The object (and with it, the information it contains) is broken into many, many fragments that get scattered all over. 

But this is not exactly what makes black holes special. Any system that is complex enough (and most systems are) scrambles information. It does so by scattering the information over the many subsystems — or parts — that make up the system. Start with the information — or your input, if that’s easier for you to think of — confined to one part of the system. If you give the system…

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The Backcountry Prescription Experiment

The Backcountry Prescription Experiment
Mathina Calliope goes off her antidepressant and into the woods.


Mathina Calliope | Longreads | December 2019 | 13 minutes (3,134 words)

In 2014 my doctor took me off the antidepressant I had credited with making life okay for the previous 16 years; at 41 I was trying to have a baby with my boyfriend, Inti. I didn’t get pregnant, but this story isn’t about my failure to become a mother. Instead it’s about how a break from my meds led, ultimately and circuitously, to another kind of birth; to a different life for myself.

My doctor’s orders seemed rash. Going off antidepressants is fraught, especially since so many people who want to stop taking them have been on them for so long. New guidelines are emerging that acknowledge this danger; a 2019 study in The Lancet Psychiatry recommended patients taper “over a period of months and down to amounts much lower than minimum therapeutic doses.” But my doctor was…

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When You Meet a Mathematical Genius

I suggest you to read this article. it’s one of those contents that when I read it, I say to myself if I wanted to write something about the issue, it would be this article.

Everybody makes DATA

how not to be wrong

“Athletes don’t quit their sport just because one of their teammates outshines them. And yet I see promising young mathematicians quit every year, even though they love mathematics, because someone in their range of vision was ahead of them.”

[How not to be wrong, Jordan Ellenberg]

I know this is a little bit off the topic (and the style) of this blog but I would like to write this post for kids/students who want to be a future mathematician. In my life, I have met several mathematical geniuses equipped with complete mathematical skill sets, intuition, reasoning, and creativity. Many people may think that geniuses are not willing to work hard but all the geniuses I met before put their whole energy into solving some mathematical problems always. Hence, when I had met them, I had felt that there is NO chance to defeat such kinds of geniuses and had felt…

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